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Tier 3 Law School Requirements

Tier 3 law schools are locally recognized law schools.  Unlike tier one law schools like Yale and Stanford which are nationally (and globally renowned) and tier 2 law schools like Loyola (Chicago) and Pepperdine which are regionally renowned, tier 3 law school are locally recognized, such as within a part of a state or territory.

It should be noted that getting into a tier 3 law school is just as good as getting into a tier 1 or tier 2 law school since all of the following schools are ABA approved and have excellent faculty and student bodies.

RankingLaw School2011 UGPA 25th-75th Percentiles2011 LSAT 25th-75th Percentiles
111Albany Law School3.03-3.50152-157
112Campbell University3.12-3.59154-158
113Chapman University3.21-3.68155-161
114Cleveland University3.09-3.66153-157
115CUNY (Queens College)2.89-3.55151-157
116Drake University3.13-3.57152-157
117Florida International University3.07-3.71153-158
118Gonzaga University3.27-3.79152-157
119Howard University3.11-3.57154-157
120John Marshall3.00-3.50151-156
121Loyola University New Orleans (LA)3.09-3.59150-157
122Mercer University3.03-3.62153-158
123New York Law School3.00-3.48153-157
124Ohio Northern University 2.94-3.70149-156
125Pace University 3.12-3.57152-156
126Quinnipiac University3.13-3.62154-159
127Samford University3.06-3.55153-158
128Southwestern Law School 3.13-3.54152-158
129St. Louis University3.14-3.70153-159
130Stetson University3.17-3.66154-158
131Texas Tech University3.16-3.66153-158
132Franklin Pierce Law Center3.03-3.58150-158
133University of Akron 3.10-3.61152-158
134University of Arkansas2.98-3.59151-157
135University of Baltimore2.90-3.63151-157
136University of Idaho2.96-3.54151-157
137University of Maine3.18-3.62153-159
138University of Memphis3.03-3.56153-157
139University of Mississippi3.26-3.69151-158
140University of Missouri3.06-3.76157-161
141University of Missouri–Kansas City2.94-3.53154-158
142University of Montana3.14-3.75153-158
143University of South Carolina3.04-3.64156-161
144University of St. Thomas 3.01-3.52154-161
145University of Tulsa 2.95-3.63152-158
146University of Wyoming3.23-3.56151-157
147Vermont Law School3.13-3.55153-159
148Washburn University2.91-3.55153-158
149Wayne State University 3.13-3.62153-159
150Willamette University2.99-3.54154-159
151William Mitchell College of Law 3.14-3.59152-159